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Dave of Siemens wrote:

This is my first post. We've been using Apache FOP quite successfully for the past year or so, converting XML for technical manuals to PDF. The one feature that we're anxious to see is indexing support (XSL-FO 1.1, 6.10). Does anyone know if this is being worked on?

Not that I know of. It would indeed be a great addition to FOP. Patches are always most welcome :)

Well, I thought about it a few months ago, and IIJC, this is one of those features that requires a good understanding of the entire FOP processing-cycle. It requires modifications in all the major subsystems (FO Tree/Properties, Layout and Rendering), so I wouldn't really advise it as something to get his/her feet wet (unless you don't mind diving in the deep end ;-))

I know of one other user who has explicitly asked for this (Gerhard Oettl), and this was quite some time ago... It's unfortunately not something that keeps popping up in questions, so not really high on the priority list, but I very much agree that it would be a really fine addition.

Personally, I probably will not have time to look closer at it very soon, but I'll see if I can publish some of the ideas I gathered on a Wiki page, for future reference.



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