With much too much delay I'm happy to present the final 0.95 artifacts for
a release vote.

The release files are built from:
(revision 681373, on Ubuntu 8.04LTS with Sun Java 1.4.2_18)

The files can be found here:

7af50bf58924dd22d71d22d8ad90b268 *fop-0.95-bin.tar.gz
c3625c66e368e3a6ae52e1d8607e6c92 *fop-0.95-bin.zip
58593e6c86be17d7dc03c829630fd152 *fop-0.95-src.tar.gz
adeb416f81125d8554a621050f319632 *fop-0.95-src.zip

Please review and cast your votes (on general@).

+1 from me.

Jeremias Maerki

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