On 20.08.2008 15:40:08 Max Berger wrote:
> Dear Fop-Devs,
> I hope this commit does not break gump - if so I'll revert it.

No, we'll try to fix the Gump run first! This is useful after all. I'll
look into the Gump descriptor right away to avoid any problems I can fix
before the next run.

> What this does: If you set properties to point to a java 1.4
> installation, it will try to verify if fop uses only the classes
> available there and output a warning.
> The retroweaving process is currently done but unsused (unfortunately it
> cannot be turned of, so it just weaves to a temp directory) - so no 1.5
> features are available. Experiments in separate branches are welcome
> (result of the discussion we had previously on that matter).
> As a note of success: I found two cases of "valueOf" in the code, (see
> my commit 687323) which slipped in there accidentally.
> Should this prove successfully I would like to
> - make the warning bigger
> - add a note that committers *should* have jdk 1.4 installed

+1 but probably not necessary if we can make the verification work in
Gump. If someone messes up, we'll know it within a few hours at most.


Jeremias Maerki

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