Hi Max,

Personally I'm fine with it until we take a future retroweaver release containing your patch. So +1 from me.


Max Berger wrote:
Dear Fop-Devs,

further insight on retroweaver:

I've downloaded and patched retroweaver not to modify Boolean.valueOf,
which is now correctly verified against 1.4. I could add the (patched)
artifact to fops lib/build.  I will try and discuss with the retroweaver
maintainer about options to include that into the standard retroweaver

What is the opinion about having patched and unreleased dependencies?
Even if it is just for build, and purely optional?


Max Berger schrieb:

Adrian Cumiskey schrieb:
I don't think it is Max... looks like @since 1.4.
you're right - looks like the other valueOf methods (for integer, etc.)
where introduced in 1.5, and this one was indeed introduced in 1.4.

I've reverted that change.

Apparently retroweaver still modifies calls to Boolean.valueOf,
according to the doc to be compatible with 1.3.

Unfortunately this requires adding the retroweaver-runtime to the
verification classpath, which then renders the verification process
useless, as it is supposed to detect failures like Integer.valueOf(),
which will now again slip through.

I'll look deeper into retoweaver to see if I can find a suitable solution.


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