--- Comment #3 from Andreas L. Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-09-19 
12:22:51 PST ---

Hi Alexander,

Apologies for the rather long delay. I'm afraid I lost track of this... :-(

I finally found some time to play with it, and it seems that the following
would fail:


OTOH, looking closer, this has nothing to do with your patch, I believe. Using
an absolute file-URI with a destination appended simply fails. Using a relative
URI with a destination always works.

Using an absolute URI without a destination didn't work before your patch, but
using the /Launch action seems to correct this.

I'm inclined to go ahead with the commit. Since it contains one new file,
however small, as I mentioned earlier, an ICLA should best be submitted (see: That is, if you intend on continuing to
supply us with patches in the future... I promise, it does not always take this
long to process a bug. ;-)

Can you let us know when this is done, so we can follow up?



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