--- Comment #2 from M.H. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  2008-10-21 02:51:09 PST ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Have you tried the suggested work-around at
> already (adding
> a unique dummy URL parameter)?

No, because I can't set a unique URI in the XSL for each report generation. I
try to achieve this with my custom URIResolver. But I noticed that for the
second call (i.e. the second report) the custom URIResolver's resolve() is not
called!!! This is another hint, that the image cache uses the URI before
changed by a custom URIResolver! This would explain the the image cache lokks
into the cache with the (non-unique) URI and finds it there and doesn't need to
call the custom URIResolver.resolve(). If the cache would use the custom
URIResolver's resolved URI, this would probably work. 

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