Hey, I was not criticizing the FOP team! I'm not frustrated and I thought that you were not interested because I guessed that your customers were pushing FOP in another direction (what if quality and streaming are incompatible?), I realize that my goal is ambitious and require lots o work, while most of you are volunteers that devote its free time to FOP. I'm making some attempts, my knowledge is growing but still far from being enough so any kind of comment is more than welcome. Unfortunately, from the next january I will have much less time to work on FOP but I hope to continue contributing.


Il giorno 28/ott/08, alle ore 16:08, Jeremias Maerki ha scritto:


we do care. The Bugzilla entry with the lowest ID that is still open is
https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1063 and actually
targets exactly that topic. What Vincent and Simon are working on goes
exactly into this direction (although implementing changing available
IPD is the immediate front goal). I'm not sure what makes you think we
are not interested in this. But you also need to see where we stand:
Most funding for FOP comes from companies doing business-style documents
(not more an a couple of dozen pages per page-sequence). Those not
backed by some company probably just have too little free time to make a
difference since this is such a huge task to get right. And then we're
not a dozen active people anymore who can throw in huge amounts of time.
People come and go. FOP desperately needs people like you who are not
afraid to dive in and help. Dario, please don't get frustrated about the
current state of FOP. Layout is a complex beast and implementating a
highly complex specification like XSL-FO is not easy. Yes, there are
different priorities. But that doesn't mean you cannot bring in yours
and make a difference. The ASF is about collaboration. I very much like
to see you working together with Vincent and Simon towards a better
layout engine (like you already did during recent time). Unfortunately,
I don't have enough time and energy to help out. I'm trying to keep up
as best as I can and will offer constructive suggestions if I have any.

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