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Well, this substitution just seems to replace the entries in the fop config
file. But when using the substitution, then I would have to state the jar:file:
URI there ... which doesn't solve the problem of setting the path of the JAR
with the fonts...?

I found out that in the fop config, you don't have to set the full jar URI, but
then I will get a malformedURLException later during XSL-FO processing. To
solve this problem, I could configure a custom URIResolver to prepend a fixed
"jar:file:lib/fonts.jar!/" prefix. But then I again, the path to the
"lib/fonts.jar" needs to stated. I wonder if it's possible to get rid of
setting the explizit JAR file path. I hoped to just use 


instead of


Or at least


which also works in the fop config file when FOP initializes but again throws a
malformedURLException later during FO processing.

I guess, that FOP itself is doing some magic to find the fonts in the classpath
(which I expected due to That could be
the reason why "jar:frutiger/LTe50327.ttf" in the fop config file is working
when FOP initializes. But the later FO processing uses constructor
which fails for "jar:frutiger/LTe50327.ttf" but works for

Perhaps this "magic" to resolve "jar:frutiger/LTe50327.ttf" with the generic
found JAR file should make sure that the calls to receive the
proper URI.

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