there is: please use fo:character, which should work just as expected.



Am 15.01.2009 15:02, schrieb Dongsheng Song:
The wiki[2] same as web[1] for 'Font Selection Strategies'. But 'Word-by-Word'
can't meet my case. For string '닢쫔teststring', if I specify
font-family="Times, SimSun", FOP paint using Times characters, not SimSun,
so I got missing glyphs.

I's there a way treat a single Chinese char(e.g. '&#xB2E2') as a word ?


2009/1/15 Max Berger<>:
Dear Dongsheng Song,

the patch you refer to is outdated and the issue of character handling
has changed since your quoted messages. I have just now updated the Wiki
to reflect the changes. Please email back to the list if anything is


Dongsheng Song schrieb:
II have been googled the discuss[1,2], and Max Berger's patch[3], and
the wiki[4].
The patch or wiki is too old, not apply to the trunk.

What's the current status, can someone update it ? I


Dongsheng Song

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