--- Comment #7 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-03-09 
11:06:32 PST ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> Testing some combinations, I've just noticed a small error in FOP Trunk:
> reference-orientation is treated as an inherited property, while it most
> certainly is not. Since a lot of tests seem to be depending on it, it may take
> a while to fix this, although, purely codewise, it's only a matter of changing
> a boolean switch in FOPropertyMapping... :-/

I'm currently looking closer into this one, and it seems the related checks in
the tests are entirely correct (mainly
Only, somehow the erroneous inheritance of the property has been taken into
account when creating the region-viewport/region-reference area pair.

Currently, in Page.makeRegionViewport(), an absolute rectangle is created (in
page-coordinates) for the viewport-area. When setting the region-reference-area
position, however, the 'width/ipd' that is obtained from this absolute
rectangle should actually be the 'height/bpd' of the region-reference-area.
What happens is that the absolute rectangle takes into account the
reference-orientation specified on the simple-page-master. When creating the
reference-area, though, we use the same pageCTM, but with the region's
reference-orientation (which is 0, meaning no rotation with respect to the

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