Hi all

Just updated my local sandbox, and noticed an error in the build log that I didn't quite expect:

    [junit] ------------- Standard Error -----------------
[junit] Mar 9, 2009 9:00:01 PM org.apache.fop.area.AreaTreeParser $Handler setTraits [junit] SEVERE: Background image not available: ../../resources/ images/bgimg300dpi.jpg [junit] java.io.FileNotFoundException: Image not found: ../../ resources/images/bgimg300dpi.jpg
[junit] at org.apache.fop.intermediate.IFTester.createIF(IFTester.java:145) [junit] at org.apache.fop.intermediate.IFTester.doIFChecks(IFTester.java:163)

Does anyone else get this? I haven't investigated yet which testcase it points to, so before I start digging, if this rings a bell...

It doesn't cause a failure, though. Build successful.



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