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12:20:07 PST ---
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Just to be complete:

> For now, the only immediate relief would be to switch to FOP Trunk, ...

The addition of the system property to disable caching of the properties
apparently never made it into 0.95, but the required modifications are pretty
- add a 'useCache' member to PropertyCache
- in the constructor, initialize it to reflect the value of the system property
- in the generic, private fetch() method, if useCache is "true", bypass the
entire method body, and simply return the parameter instance

Apart from that, no easy solution I'm afraid. It comes down to choosing the
lesser of two 'evils': 
* either use the Trunk version, which means, strictly speaking, no guarantees
about stability, although there are people who do use it in production
* or modify the sources in the 0.95 branch, which also leaves you with an
unofficial version.

Again, we'll be look into it closer soon, but these types of issues are almost
always very difficult to reproduce...

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