Summary: [PATCH] Proposed correction for resolution handling
           Product: Fop
           Version: 1.0dev
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Keywords: PatchAvailable
          Severity: regression
          Priority: P2
         Component: fo tree

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 --> (
my proposed patch

Hi Andreas,

in your revision you intended
to fix the conversion from pixels to internal millipoints. I'm afraid you seem
to have misunderstood the intention of the source and target resolution. When I
introduced the two resolutions the intention was that the source resolution
specifies the resolution at which pixel lengths are interpreted on the source
side (pixel lengths in FO, pixel lengths for bitmaps that don't have resolution
information etc.). The target resolution OTOH specifies the resolution at which
the output device operates. For example, if you target a 300 dpi printer, you
specify 300 dpis. For the screen you'd specify 96 dpi (most probably). This
value controls the number of pixels generated for a bitmap that is generated
from a vector graphic image that is rendered to a pixel-based output format
(like PCL or PNG).

FO     src res    layout engine.    tgt res     Output
<px>   ------->       <mpt>         ------->    <px>

The attached patch demonstrates how I would fix this. An example of the result:
Specify a table column with 72px and you get 72000mpt as before at default
settings (72dpi). At a higher resolution, the pixels get smaller as you have
more pixels per inch. So at 144dpi, you have twice as many pixels in the same
space per dimension. The pixel length is half the previous length. 72px are now

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