--- Comment #62 from Vincent Hennebert <>  2009-04-29 
03:55:03 PST ---
Hi Dimitri,

(In reply to comment #61)
> Hi Vincent,
> thank you for the patch. This time another issue with a wrong order of
> footnotes. There is a two column table in the attached example, both columns
> have footnotes. Sometimes the footnote from the second column precedes the
> footnote from the first one. If you delete one block from the first column, 
> the
> order will be right.

It all depends on what order you should be expecting. If you scan the page in
its whole width starting from the top you will find the footnote labeled 2
before the footnote labeled 1. This is basically what FOP is doing.

Of course, it may seem more natural to start from the leftmost column, then go
to the following one, etc. But this is particular to that case. With a
right-to-left language it will be more natural to start from the rightmost
column. Sometimes, the content will be such that the method above will be more

So this is a grey area, and the Recommendation doesn't say anything about that.
Your best bet is to re-number the footnotes. Or use something else than
footnotes (you may be happy with putting the notes in regular blocks just after
the table, for example).


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