yazzy a écrit :

I have been asked to use "FOP" to convert RFT documents to PDF.
"FOP" has to be embeded within ASP page (JScript).

I have never used "FOP" and search found no examples to convert RFT to PDF
format. The only example I found was "ExampleObj2PDF.java" but I don't think
this the solution.

My query is
1) Can "FOP" be used to convert RFT to PDF.
2) If "FOP" can be used, please would I have links to the sites.

Thanks in advance
For questions related to FOP usage, you should prefer ask it on this list: fop-us...@xmlgraphics.apache.org .

FOP aims to transform XML input to various output format, including PDF or RTF.
But FOP cannot convert from RFT to PDF.

googlelizing "convert RTF to PDF" should give you what you look for.


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