Hi Guys,

Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On 29 May 2009, at 20:55, Simon Pepping wrote:
> Hi Simon, Vincent,
>>> planned. Furthermore, we are in the process of bringing major changes to
>>> the layout engine in order to be able to handle pages of different
>>> widths. So any work on the current code is likely to become obsolete
>>> soon.
>> Can you tell us more? If you are confident enough to issue such a
>> message, it would be good if you would share more of your work with
>> us. Can't you commit your work to a branch? It is better to share,
>> even if it is not final.
> I agree. Especially the word 'soon' caught my eye. Makes it sound like
> it's almost ready.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. I now realise that my wording was a bit
unfortunate in sounding overly optimistic.

I am still working on a prototype implementation of a new layout engine
that will be able to handle the Changing IPD problem. The main
difficulty is to make tables fit in the picture. Since they are the most
complicated layout objects, once I get them working I can reasonably
expect that the rest will click in smoothly.

ATM I don’t have much more to say than I already have on this list, the
wiki or the following document:
I’ve had a hard time making tables work. I haven’t uploaded any new code
in Subversion because it is still way too much experimental, and
wouldn’t bring much (if anything at all) to people interested in the
issue. FWIW I’ve re-written the table code about 3 times, and recently
I re-wrote almost the whole prototype from scratch.

That said, I seem to finally have found a working solution. There are
still a few unresolved issues about tables that I’d like to tackle, in
order to test my model. Then I’ll be able to clean up and document the
code a bit, and update the documentation on the wiki. Say, within
a month or two.

I said ‘obsolete soon’ because I’m relatively confident that I will
‘soon’ be able to start working on the real code, and from there on
there will be no point IMO to bring new features to the current one,
apart from the usual bug fixes.

I hope this clears your concerns,

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