I did the below. But I will be away without access to internet from 7 to 17 
June, so I cannot act if anything goes wrong on 10 June. Please, be aware of 
the move and report problems to infrastruct...@.

On 3 Jun 2009, at 19:11, Tony Stevenson wrote:

> God day folks,

> As most of you will probably be more than aware of by now we are planning to 
> move over to LDAP for authentication and authorisation.
> We have been using LDAP for shell account authentication for over 2 weeks 
> now.  So we are looking to move on to using it for authorisation.

> To this end we are asking all PMC-Chairs to review the SVN Authz file [1] to 
> make sure it's contents are suitable for migration.


> Could all PMC Chairs please ensure that they complete this work by Wednesday 
> 10th June, 10PM PST.  After this time we will be importing the group data 
> into LDAP, and merging the Unix POSIX groups and the current SVN groups.  If 
> your groups are incorrectly named, then some of your committers could lose 
> access to the data on people.apache.org

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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