Martin Edge wrote:

Yes there are people here listening but at least 2 regular developers are on holidays ATM so thats why responses might be slow or lacking.

Need some help understanding why the trunk does not behave properly when
dealing with missing fonts.
I used to have Metric files to define my fonts, but they do not seem to have
any effect anymore.

What affect are you expecting from metric files exactly? You shouldn't need to use metric files with FOP trunk in all but a tiny number of use cases (IIRC, TTC is the main use case where metric files must still be used) In all other cases using metric files puts you at a disadvantage, i.e. FOP will ignore AFM Files for Type1 Fonts.

Urgently trying to get the new intermediate format to work for a job I need
to run.

I was going to ask for more details on the problem but looks like you've provided further information in a separate thread.



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