Hey Chris,

The use of the metric files was a legacy attempt from the earlier trunk,
when I was using the old AT format.. just seemed to work that way.

I have since moved away from the metrics in my testing (as you will see from
the thread..)

Thanks for your response!

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Martin Edge wrote:

Yes there are people here listening but at least 2 regular developers 
are on holidays ATM so thats why responses might be slow or lacking.

> Need some help understanding why the trunk does not behave properly when
> dealing with missing fonts. 
> I used to have Metric files to define my fonts, but they do not seem to
> any effect anymore. 

What affect are you expecting from metric files exactly? You shouldn't 
need to use metric files with FOP trunk in all but a tiny number of use 
cases (IIRC, TTC is the main use case where metric files must still be 
used) In all other cases using metric files puts you at a disadvantage, 
i.e. FOP will ignore AFM Files for Type1 Fonts.

> Urgently trying to get the new intermediate format to work for a job I
> to run.

I was going to ask for more details on the problem but looks like you've 
provided further information in a separate thread.


> Thanks!
> Martin

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