--- Comment #5 from Andreas L. Delmelle <>  2009-07-17 
08:04:24 PST ---
(In reply to comment #4)

Sorry, mixing things up with the inherited indent properties. Should have
looked at the sample, of course...

> That doesn't justify the space before the first block on the first page. It
> clearly looks like some object is directly passed to the child FO, instead of 
> a
> copy of it. Setting the conditionality to "retain" on block 4 seems to have 
> set
> it also to the surrounding block.

OK, now I see it. The SpaceProperty instance is re-used/shared between the
blocks, due to the value of inherit, but when the additional component is
specified on the fourth block, it also sets the component for all the other
blocks. Specifying a value other than inherit, or specifying it for the
individual components, generates a separate instance, so there are no
side-effects. SpaceProperty is one type that is not cached yet, so even
identical property specs will yield separate instances (unless inheritance of
the base property is used, obviously).

Not sure how easy it would be to fix this behavior, yet. Could be as simple as
modifying the behavior in PropertyList.findBaseProperty() to conditionally
duplicate the instance...

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