Hi All,

I’m basically finished with the implementation of the hack to handle
pages of different widths. As a remainder, tables and lists aren’t
supported; this means that they will flow on the new page without taking
the new width into account. So if there is a switch between e.g.
a landscape page and a portrait page, part of the table/list will be
silently rendered outside of the page. This is a limitation that I a not
willing to fix as this implies too much work on something that will be
made obsolete by the new layout approach anyway. All of the other FOs
should be supported.

I committed some simple test cases in the branch, but I’d be grateful if
people could test it with their own (possibly real-life) FO files. I’d
like to do it in two steps: first ask for feedback here (I know there
are plenty of people silently watching this list ;-) ), then broaden the
audience and ask on the users list. To ease the lives of users I’ll
probably set up a web page in my personal area at people.apache.org, and
provide links to ready-made binary archives, just like official
releases. People who aren’t keen on building the branch from sources can
feel free to wait for that phase.
The branch is to be found here:
Or, for European users:

My hope is that if there are any ‘big’ bugs left that make FOP crash,
they will be spotted in the first phase, and can quickly be fixed and
re-tested in short commit/copy update/re-build/re-test cycles. Something
that power users shouldn’t be afraid of, whereas too frequent updates of
the web page might confuse less knowledgeable users.


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