Hi Simon,

Thank you for giving a go at testing the branch. I could reproduce the
hyphenation and flow_changing-ipd_4.xml problems. Regarding the stretch
issue, could you send me a sample FO file? I suspect that this may be
normal in the sense that the layout policy is slightly different when
there is changing IPD: Instead of being full total-fit, it’s ‘n-pages
total fit’ i.e., total-fit over the number of pages that have the same
ipd. When the ipd changes, the best node /so far/ is selected, which may
be different from the node that is part of the optimal solution, had the
ipd remained the same.

Simon Pepping wrote:
> In testcase flow_changing-ipd_4.xml, when I put all content in 1 page
> sequence, the paragraphs in the list do not appear.
> In the same testcase, the space between the table and paragraph 1_5 is
> not rendered.

This one is a known limitation. Since the table doesn’t support changing
ipd its elements are put as they are on the next page, and layout is
re-started after the table, at paragraph 1_5. The SpaceResolver then
believes that the paragraph starts the sequence, so treats the space as
if it were starting the page, so discards it since its conditionality is
left to "discard". I’m not planning to fix that problem since it
involves too many changes in the SpaceResolver. The work-around is to
set the conditionality to "retain".


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