Lars Andren wrote:
Hi all,

Hi Lars,

When I am generating a PDF-file, the class LineBreakUtils and the method
public static byte getLineBreakPairProperty(int lineBreakPropertyBefore,int
lineBreakPropertyAfter) {

keeps on giving me an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException -1" for what I am
guessing is some automatic trimming/line breaking for an especially long
string or something. The two values are lineBreakPropertyBefore = 2
lineBreakPropertyAfter = 0

There is already a bug logged for this: The bug already contains a patch. I don't think there is any further information on this issue. If you are having trouble applying the patch and compiling then please paste your compilation errors to fop-user mailing list and we will try to help you.

I have been searching around the forum for this for a long time and could
not find anything related to this. Have anyone else had any problems with
this? Any idea of what might cause this?
Thank you for your time,



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