--- Comment #2 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2009-08-04 12:11:51 
PDT ---
Guillaume, the XSL specification defines display-align in terms of areas and
not related to the table-cell. A table-cell produces more than one area if it
is broken accross pages. The behaviour in this case is correct IMO. I find
nothing in the spec that would support your expectation (although it can make

In your case, you can try to work-around this by putting the bottom-aligned
content in a separate cell and use row-spanning on the first column and a fixed
height for the second row with the content that is bottom-aligned. But if that
content doesn't always have the same height (more or less), this is probably
not going to work. Disclaimer: I haven't verified this myself.

I'm inclined to close this issue as invalid but to be sure, I'd appreciate an
opinion from a fellow committer.

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