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Alexander Kiel wrote:
> Hi Max,
> thanks for pointing me to fontbox. As I did not find a repository with a
> trunk, I had a look into fontbox-0.8.0-incubating. They have quite clean
> code to parse TrueType files. But they are also not able to read any
> OpenType data. They are even not able to read kerning data as FOP can
> already. 
> So I think, I will continue my OpenType effort inside FOP for now, but
> we should consider to merge the font parsing into fontbox.

It all depends on which code has the most potential. If FontBox offers
a cleaner basis then it makes sense to implement missing features there,
then use it as a replacement of FOP’s own font code. I think it would be
unfortunate to duplicate efforts on that area. I’m not sure we can
afford it given our limited resources.

OTOH, you seem to have made quite some progress on the FOP code already,
so it’s up to you. Just make sure the font library is totally
independent of any FOP specificity.

> Lets see what I can do in FOP right now. Currently I have all the
> current features refactured and written some tests against real fonts.
> I'm on the way to get kerning info out of the OpenType GPOS table. I
> have already written 19 test classes and added/modified 129 production
> classes.

Sounds like non-trivial changes, so an ICLA will probably be necessary
to integrate your work in the code base. Since the process takes a bit
of time, I’d suggest you to submit one as soon as possible:

Thanks and good luck,

> Best Regards
> Alex
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> On Tue, 2009-09-22 at 11:22 +0200, Max Berger wrote:
>> Alexandar,
>> on a completely different note:
>> It may be interesting to also look into fontbox (part of pdfbox),
>> which is now also an apache project, and therefore we could use source
>> synergy.
>> http://incubator.apache.org/pdfbox/
>> For the issue you've mentioned: This may be due so some issues with
>> CID fonts not properly defining ascent and descent, but I don't have a
>> reference for it. We would probably need some fonts to test and check.
>> Max

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