Hi Jeremias,

Makes sense. I stumbled over that myself from time to time but it didn't
really bother me so much to take action.
Okay. Can you please modify the checkstyle XML files to reflect that?

Sure, but only after a period of at least 72 hours to allow the other
committers to raise an objection.
Of course.
I'm a great fan of that checkstyle stuff. I didn't use it before, but I
find a common coding style important for such a big and shared project
like FOP.

What's about severities? Did you commit code with checkstyle errors?

No, I always fix errors (mine or others'). Sometimes tab characters
creep in, for example. The Checkstyle plug-in for Eclipse is really
helpful in that department. If I didn't fix Checkstyle errors I might
not notice any build failures prior to a commit.
I find it very comfortable to hopefully contribute something real useful in such a great project. Please don't understand me in a wrong sense, as I sometimes be a bit to harsh. Its only my nature that I like to be precise.

Best Regards

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