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> (In reply to comment #24)
> > Are images supposed to work? I've tested a simple document that contains an
> > fo:external-graphic referring to a PNG image. The alt-text isn't read aloud 
> > by
> > Acrobat, and the image doesn't appear in the list of tags, nor the Order 
> > tab.
> Yes, they are supposed to work. One of my accessibility test cases I've just
> run through cause the alt-text for the images to be read out loud. I'm running
> off a current and clean checkout. If you want to send me some PDF for 
> analysis,
> I'm happy to take a look.

Must be my local changes then. My local copy is getting a bit messy. I'll have
another look with a fresh checkout.

But why are images handled like text, using marked-content sequences? IIUC they
should be handled as PDF Objects (see "PDF Object as Content Items" in section
9.6.3 of the PDF Reference, Third Edition).


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