AFPPaintingState is being used in three different places altogether in FopTrunk source. The default constructor is being used in the following three classes...

1. AFPDocumentHandler.java
2. AFPRenderer.java
3. AFPPageOverlayElement.java

There is a variable 'resolution' is being initialized for each instance, this resolution parameter can be set using the 'fop.xconf' for a particular render...

Ex:- AFPRenderer configuration below

<renderer mime="application/x-afp">
          The bit depth and type of images produced
          (this is the default setting)
     <images mode="b+w" bits-per-pixel="8"/>

The above <renderer-resolution> is being hardcoded as '240dpi' in AFPRendererConfigurator.java, which initiates the renderer resolution based on the configuration set in 'fop.xconf'. In order to resolve this problem, I will be changing the AFPPaintingState as singleton, so that all the above classes will get the instance using 'getInstance()' method instead of default constructor. This will resolve the <renderer-resolution> problem as well, by a simple change in AFPRendererConfigurator (instead of hardcoded value 240, assigning the value from the configuration object).

Please review the above changes and tell me, if I am doing anything wrong here?


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