--- Comment #1 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2009-11-02 
04:32:54 UTC ---
I've played a bit with the IF serializer to try and find out whether setting
xml:text higher up in the hierarchy would make any difference. It turns out
that there is no gain in processing time. There are other factors that come
into play and that have more impact on the process.

However, there is a non-negligible gain in file size, of around 13%.
Surprisingly enough that difference doesn't increase with the number of pages
in the document. It's likely to be the biggest gain we can have, as I used a A4
document full of text (almost no empty space, no image) for the test. So I
guess it's worth doing the change, if only to save on disk space (although that
will be significant only if you store a lot of intermediate files).

Question remains: is there any risk that other elements containing text may be
affected by that xml:space? Also, is there any testing framework for the
intermediate format, to test that change?


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