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Vincent Hennebert schrieb:
> Hi,
> Looks like Max is busy with more urgent things :-)

Yes, work keeps me occupied most of the time. I was actually just
looking at the patch again, and decided that I am unable to apply it,
because I do cannot verify if the renames are correct, as it affects
some areas I am not familiar with.

> As this patch will affect my future work on the layout engine, I’d like
> to take over the patch review.

Vincent, feel free to do so. I have not assigned the patch to myself as
I could not promise to review it in a decent time.

>> In the last half-an-hour I walked myself through all the diffs,
>> file-by-file. I must say - except from TextLayoutManager - it is
>> possible to understand all changes.

One more thing I noticed: Alex, you are introducing deprecated methods
and then using them. Please either
- don't mark the methods as deprecated, if they are valid helper methods or
- don't use the deprecated methods, but rather use whatever you inted to
replace it with.


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