Hi Jeremias,

I have created CMYK color images with *.tif extension, but failed to create the same image as GIF,JPEG. The Corel Photo Paint X4 converting CMYK color space to default RGB color space when saving as GIF and JPEG etc. Could you please tell me, how do I create GIF and JPEG images with CMYK color space? If this tool doesn't support, please specify another tool...


Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Hi Venkat,

that's [1], method encodeRenderedImageAsRGB() in the case of PostScript



On 03.11.2009 17:39:51 Venkat Reddy wrote:

As Jeremias stated in the other mail,

*[Currently, bitmaps are encoded in sRGB if a CMYK bitmap is encountered for 
the PostScript render]*

Please someone point me to this source code, where the conversion happening for CMYK to RGB. I have given the PSImageUtils class by the Jeremias, but failed to find the code related to this.

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Jeremias Maerki

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