--- Comment #43 from Boris Y. <> 2009-11-23 23:54:24 UTC ---
Hi All,

We have found one issue during testing this new feature.
The issue lies in in calculating crop/bleed boxes.

The offsets  order is: [top, right, bottom, left], so to calculate Y size of
the final box we should use the 'bottom' instead of 'top' offset :

         return new Rectangle(originalRect.x - coords[3],
-                originalRect.y - coords[0],
+                originalRect.y - coords[2],
                 originalRect.width + coords[3] + coords[1],
                 originalRect.height + coords[0] + coords[2]);

Please find in the attachments the fix patch. (Comment#41)
Also I have attached the full patch for FOP-0.95 version (Comment#42) if
somebody will have a need to use this feature with previous version.

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