Hi Jeca,

a) You probably wanted to contact fop-users, not fop-dev.
b) When contacting fop-users, please add your fop version, at least
c) Ending a text with "This is what I have in configuration:" doesn't help, if 
you don't add your configuration. 
d) Adding a small sample would help too.
e) Could you rephrase your problem? I am not sure whether you have a font 
configuration problem or a text-decoration problem.

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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009 19:17
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Betreff: Help??

Hi There, I added a new FONT that I wanted to use in a document I'm creating. 
But, in the document I'm only able to see regular font and bolded. If I specify 
text-decoration="underline" attribute in my fo:block, or fo:inline, text is not 
being underlined!!! Am I missing anything? Is there anything in configuration 
that I missed?? This is what I have in configuration: Thanks in advance  


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