Venkat Reddy wrote:

Hi Venkat,


_*Test 2:*_
*I have generated an intermediate (hello.if) file from the FO input document ( using the following command...

   *fop -c C:\fop.xconf -fo -if application/x-afp hello.if*

Now, I have tried to generate AFP output file from the the above generated intermediate file (hello.if) using the following command...

  * fop -c C:\fop.xconf -ifin hello.if -afp hello.afp* *

*I am using the same fop configuration file, forcing the renderer on both the occations, but the AFPPainter class is being used in the second test (Test 2) instead of AFPRenderer...
Is this the correct behaviour? Can someone explain this to me?

This is the correct behaviour. The Painters are always used to render Intermediate Format to AFP, PDF, etc. The Renderers are only used to render Area Tree to AFP, PDF, etc.




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