Cyrillic fonts working great in case of PDF output and TrueType fonts using. 

But I need to use Type1 fonts.

First of all, PFMReader utility does not know about Cyrillic charset. When I 
tried to build xml-metrics file, output look like this:
Unknown charset detected (204, 0xcc). Trying fallback to WinAnsi.

Also I found, that FOP does not know anything about cyrillic glyph names.

Some docs about this:

> --- Comment #2 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2009-12-16
> 02:57:44 UTC --- Andrey, I'm a bit surprised about this patch. I've
> invested considerable effort some time ago to make cyrillic fonts work.
> What was your motivation to add the "AdobeStandardCyrillic" encoding? Was
> something not working as it should have? I'm not criticizing, just trying
> to understand.
> Thanks anyway for contributing to FOP! I hope I have time soon to look at
> the patch. Of course, other committers are allowed to process this patch
> before that if they have time.

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