Peter B. West wrote:
Are you on 1.5 yet? 1.5 has bidi support, doesn't it?

Not yet. In any case, relying on AWT classes for positioning text is a poor strategy in my opinion as the AWT implementation varies wildly between JDK Vendor, Operating/System and JDK build. Which is too many factors to get consistent results.



On 08/01/2010, at 8:48 AM, J.Pietschmann wrote:

On 07.01.2010 12:28, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
And this is only half of the story. Changes also need to be made to the
layout engine: character re-ordering, BIDI implementation, glyph
shaping, etc.
On top of that, (many?) modern PDF viewers support BIDI while
older ones usually don't. Which means, if FOP does BIDI for PDF
output itself in order to guarantee proper rendering, each
character has to be individually positioned, which bloats the
file and could break search and maybe copy&paste too.
Or could we simply ignore PDF viewers incapable of rendering
r-l text properly?


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