On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 12:11:02PM +0000, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> > Where is the version property set?
> In FOUserAgent, producer field is set to "Apache FOP Version
> " + Version.getVersion() and returned by the getProducer() method; That
> method is called, among others, in PDFRenderingUtil.setupPDFDocument.
> Something similar is done (I suppose, haven???t checked) for Creator.
> Is that what you asked for?

Indeed, thanks. I was a bit confused because the version in build.xml
is slightly different from that in Version.java (and in your commit
message): svn-trunk vs "SVN trunk". I came to this because I was
thinking about the hopefully upcoming release, and wondered how the
version got set in it.


Simon Pepping
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