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           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|pdf                         |page-master/layout
           Platform|PC                          |All
            Version|0.20.5                      |all
            Summary|Arabic words are broken for |[PATCH] Arabic Shaping not
                   |rendering PDF from FOP      |Supported by FOP
         OS/Version|Windows 2000                |All
           Severity|critical                    |normal

--- Comment #7 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2010-02-08 
04:13:10 UTC ---

Thanks for your patch. Do you have an example FO file that could be used for
testing purpose (even better, with an English translation)?

IIUC, Arabic shaping is about replacing glyphs for standalone letters with
suitable ligature glyphs for building words. Surely that affects character
widths, so line breaking decisions? In the patch, shaping is performed at the
rendering stage, so isn't there a danger of getting inconsistent results?

Also, IIC Arabic shaping affects glyphs selection. How do you make sure that
the right glyphs are being embedded in the PDF file?

The same piece of code is duplicated in the PCL and PDF painters. The same
would probably also need to be done for other painters. This is not desirable.

Finally, what is the impact on performance? It looks like shaping will be
applied to just any text, even non-arabic one.


(In reply to comment #3)
> Created an attachment (id=24934)
 --> ( [details]
> Support for Arabic PDF rendering using ICU4J
> This patch uses ICU4J to do form-shaping and BIDI transformation of rendered
> text.  It is a patch for the FOP trunk.   It does not change the layout 
> manager
> or the area tree handler or allow a writing-mode other than “lr-tb”.   For 
> this
> patch to be integrated with FOP, FOP would need to distribute the ICU4J 
> library
> - icu4j-4_2_1.jar.   It affects both PDF and PCL rendering but has only been
> tested with PDF rendering.  So far results of testing with PDF rendering have
> been positive.  The PCL aspect of the patch looks correct given that the PDF
> aspect works.

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