Hi Guys,

Also noticed, when I"m performing the IF -> PS Conversion...

The method which I'm guessing is to setup fonts doesn't seem to be called

public static void setupFonts(IFDocumentHandler documentHandler, FontInfo
                throws FOPException {

This is in IFUtil.java. 

So I am unsure where the font collection is actually being setup (if it is
at all) and if it is not, well I'm guessing this is the source of my


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Hey Guys,

Trying to get to the bottom of my inability to generate a PostScript file
from Intermediate File. 

Don't know much about the structure of the code, so I thought I'd comment on
what I've seen and see if there is any suggestion on where to look.

When converting from IF -> PS (and the original IF was generated with a
application/postscript MIME tag),

In PSPainter.java - In function drawText function: 
        fontKey = getFontInfo().getInternalFontKey(triplet);

Returns a null for my given font, even though the font was _not_ complained
about when I loaded 

I did notice when reviewing the 'triplets' collection that for all entries
in there, there was a substantial amount of null entries (like the loading
of some fonts failed?)

What populates the triplets collection?



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