In there is a definition for "table markers" (see section 
Table Markers @

When I try do translate my xml + xsl file with apache fop containing a 
<fo:marker> tag within the <fo:table-body> before the <fo:table-row> (just like 
the w3 sample), apache fop returns the following error:

ERROR:  '"{}table-row"; is not a valid child of 
"fo:marker"! (No context info available)

I don't understand why this error occurs!? Is there a bug?
I tried the latest svn revision 910845 from 17.02.2010.
Is there any bug fix? It is really importend for me to get this to work asap!

If there is no fix at the moment and there is someone willing to fix the bug, 
I'm going to donate the project. Please help!

Thank you very much in advance,
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