--- Comment #3 from Peterdk <> 2010-03-23 19:21:53 UTC 
I tried the patch.
It doesn't work with current trunk revision, but it does (of course) work with
the revision specified in the diff (783305). Not really a problem.

It works great for simple tables. Main problem I have with the patch is that it
doesn't work when the block that contains the table, or the table itself has a
margin-left set. It falls back to the original FOP behaviour, which is

That's quite a problem, since you can't layout any table on the page this way.

I hope this can be easily adjusted, but since this patch is almost a year old,
I am afraid it won't happen. Will try to look into it myself, but the codebase
is too advanced for me to really grasp.

I do have some money to spend as a bounty for getting it to work however.

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