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I m using fop 0.20.5 version.

That's a 6 year old release and no longer supported

I am having trouble in legends in JFreechart in pdf in Chinese language.

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I am using JFreeChart and SVN to create chart. When I m creating same chart using same code in html I could see
legends of that font in Chinese letters but when I m generating JFreeChart
in pdf I m getting ## Characters in place of legends in JFreeChart, however I m getting correct Chinese character in domain and range axis titles. I want to use Arial Unicode MS as legends font , we are embedding
this font to show Chinese character in pdf for rest part of pdf report but I
think this has nothing to do with JFreeChart because even before embedding
font I was getting correct Chinese character in domain and range axis but
problem is in legends in JFreeChart I have tried all possible ways by creating font using font metrics
file but did not get success and get below error when I try to specify font
to legend using legend.setItemFont(new Font(“ARIALUNI”,Font.Bold,12)); legend.setItemFont(new Font(“ARIALUNI”,Font.Bold,12)); [ERROR] unknown font Dialog,normal,bold so defaulted font to any

Any ideas what how can I get Chinese text exactly in JFreeCharts’s legend in
pdf ?

I will reply with a hint on the fop-user mailing list.


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