Hi Giuseppe - Perhaps you can help me. I am on this list serve mistakenly. I
have nothing to do w/ your work, and get emails CONSTANTLY from you all.
I've tried to reach out and ask to get taken off, w/ no luck. Could you
please help?

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Hi all!

I'm Giuseppe Briotti and I'm here due to Pascal suggestion.

I'm an italian developer, experienced in Java, C# and C/C++ for rich
client application (some PHP too :-) ).

I'm presently working on XML, XSLT and FO to produce complex document
for the italian PA. Most of them are speech report and bills with a
simple structure but complex layout and annexes.

During my developing I faced index and toc problems due to unsupported
feature of FO for Index (i.e. section 6.10 of XSL 1.1 Recommendation).
Thus several solution are available:

1. buy a commercial product instead of using FOP.
2. using double pass technique.
3. partecipating to the FOP developing and give some contribution to
the problem if possible (I know that the team priorities probably are

So, due to the economical crysis the point 1 is discarted :-)
The point 2 is the present solution (a little bit expensive, indeed).
The point 3 is, if possible, the future :-)



Giuseppe Briotti

"Alme Sol, curru nitido diem qui
promis et celas aliusque et idem
nasceris, possis nihil urbe Roma
visere maius."

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