Hi folks

I'm posting to -dev because I've hit a wall with FOP that I'm interested
in paying someone to knock down.

For details on the issue, see the thread "Distributing vertical space in
a column while repeating column headings" in -users, starting with
message-id 4c1f97b7.9040...@postnewspapers.com.au . Archive thread
begins here:


There are several possible approaches to solve the issue I'm having, but
the simplest looks like implementing vertical justification of space
within one-column tables, by respecting and applying elastic
"space-before" on blocks within table cells in one-column tables.

An alternative option would be to add conditional output to blocks, so
that a certain block could be suppressed (or only shown) if it was the
first object after a break. But I suspect that'd be a lot more
complicated, and would require extensions to the standard, whereas
vertical justification of elastic space within tables would not. OTOH,
it'd be really handy.

In the end, any method that'll let me repeat headings for sections of
flowed listings when those sections are broken across columns on a
multi-column page, AND vertically distribute space within those columns,
would do. Right now, with fop I can do one or the other but not both.

If you feel you know the layout engine well enough to tackle this, think
it's something reasonable to do, and can do it well enough that your
changes can be committed into fop trunk, I'd be interested to hear from
you with an estimate of how much work it'd take you over how long, what
approach you'd take, and how much you'd want to charge for the work. Be
realistic about time/effort, not optimistic.

The rights to any changes would be licensed under the same terms as fop
its self, with copyright held by the author, and would want to seek
inclusion of the changes into fop's trunk. In fact, that'd have to be
condition of satisfactory completion, since I *really* don't want to be
in the job of maintaining an external patch against complex core bits of

Anyone interested?

Craig Ringer
System and Network Administrator
POST Newspapers

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