--- Comment #1 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2010-06-25 08:30:01 
EDT ---
Thanks for your code on spot colors, Patrick. I've kind of cherry-picked parts
of your changes and adjusted those to the new color classes I've built in XML
Graphics Commons.

What I haven't added, yet, is to provide the CMYK fallback. So right now, the
syntax for separation colors is:


PDF will fall back to the sRGB value instead of the CMYK value, mostly because
sRGB is a calibrated color space where as DeviceCMYK isn't. I'm not sure if the
CMYK fallback is that important at all. I assume the fallback is mostly used on
the computer screen. On the printer, you will want to have the separation color
configured. If I decide to write support for NCPs (ICC named color profiles), I
will likely use CIE Lab as the fallback. WDYT?

I've started two branches for the color work:

The initial changes based on your work:

This is all still work in progress! I'm keeping this issue open until the work
on FOP and XGC is completed.

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