Summary: FOP with SVG - gradient fill opacity incorrectly
                    inherits stroke opacity of previous svg element
           Product: Fop
           Version: all
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows Vista
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: pdf

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 --> (
SVG with three rectangles. The bottom left rectangle should have a fully opaque
gradient fill, but does not in FOP's PDF output.

To reproduce:

1) Have an FO file in which an SVG (I have only tested with external-graphics)

2) Inside the SVG, have a gradient defined and two elements e.g. rectangles.
Set the stroke opacity of the first element to a value near 0. NOTE: The order
is important - the stroke opacity must be set on the element preceding the
gradient filled element.

3) Make the second element have a gradient fill.

RESULT: The second element's gradient fill will have the same opacity as the
stroke of the preceding element.

** Possible cause **
This is due to Batik's GraphicContext.setPaint() method replacing the
"foreground" Color attribute if it receives a Color instance as a parameter
(due to a "paint instanceof Color" check). The "foreground" of the
GraphicsContext is later used to set the fill opacity in the line inside
PDFGraphics2D.fill() method:

applyAlpha(c.getAlpha(), OPAQUE);

However in this case, batik's GraphicContext.setPaint() is receiving a
LinearGradientPaint object which does not inherit from Color. Thus it does not
set the "foreground" attribute, meaning that an alpha from a previous
setPaint() will be used - in this case, the stroke opacity of the preceding SVG

** Possible hack **
Since the applyAlpha line in PDFGraphics2D.fill() will not be correct when the
paint returned by getPaint() is a gradient, I added an instanceof check so that
it only runs when getPaint() returns an instance of Color. This is not a
thouroughly thought-out fix and therefore should just be regarded as a
workaround hack.

Attaching SVG file and FO, plus hack (most likely not suitable as fix) to get
around issue.

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