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Step 3: Preparing the release

# Create a branch called branches/fop-v_vv
# Edit release notes (README and status.xml in the root).
# Update the index.xml, site.xml and download.xml for the new version.
# Update the version numbers in the release column on the compliance page
(compliance.xml); update the compliance in the release column to the current
state (development column).
# Update version number in build.xml (not to be merged back into trunk).
# Copy trunk documentation directory to a new directory with the version
number, and update any links and the .htaccess file for redirections.
# Copy test/fotree/disabled-testcases.xml and
test/layoutengine/disabled-testcases.xml to the new version directory
<version>/fotree/disabled-testcases.xml and
<version>/layoutengine/disabled-testcases.xml. Copy known-issues.xml to the new
version directory. Copy knownissues-overview.xml from the previous to the new
version directory.
# Delete the previous version directory.
# Build the dist files (build[.sh] dist) and upload them to your web directory
# Ask on fop-dev to check the branch and the generated dist files for errors.
# Tag the source tree with the release ID. For example, if the release is 1.0:
svn copy
# Make a fresh checkout with the just created tag: svn co
# Copy the hyphenation patterns jar file fop-hyph.jar to lib/ (e.g. from
# Alternatively, create a file that points to the above
# Run build[.sh] dist. Do this using Sun JDK 1.4.2_08 or later. A Forrest
installation is needed.
# Create signatures. Don't forget to upload your KEY: gpg -a -b --force-v3-sigs
fop-1.0-src.tar.gz etc.
# Upload the dist and signature files to your web directory on (An account on minotaur is needed): scp fop-1.0*.tar.gz*
<your name> etc.
# Check permissions: chmod 664 ... ; chgrp xmlgraphics ...
# Add MD5 sums: md5 fop-1.0-src.tar.gz > fop-1.0-src.tar.gz.md5 etc.
# Make a test download.
# Start a vote for the release on gene...@xmlgraphics.a.o. The message should
point to the release files and list the MD5 sums (cat *.md5). The vote is open
for 72hrs.

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