Last I attempted to build the Trunk I got a ton of warnings, including
the "Serializable class without serialVersionUID", "The field __ is
never read locally", and "Dead code"..

It seems whomever is putting in such code is either using a different
compiler, is ignoring the warnings, or has the warnings disabled.
I don't know how much the serialization error means.  Those other errors
are just clutter code (won't crash anything, should cause the compiled
jar to be a bit larger than necessary).

I've written some clutter code myself.  Sometimes it's a method I've
removed all reference to but leave it in just in case it is still useful
and I want to add a reference from something later.  Sometimes it's test
code that I've written a different way and left it around in case the
other way doesn't come out right.  Sometimes it's future code, adding a
flag to remind of a feature to be added later..

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that's from when I implemented the IF format. I experimented to get the
word and letter spaces right. Obviously, that's a left-over by mistake
that can be removed now.

On 07.07.2010 13:38:40 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi,
> what was that boolean supposed to do, given that it's set to false by 
> default, never set to true and results into dead code in renderSpace 
> and renderText?
> Thanks,
> Vincent

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