On 13/07/10 19:01, Adam Kovacs wrote:
> Hi there,
>  I would need an XML element from any namespace which I can use in the XSL 
> and is not interpreted by FOP and goes into the Intermediate Format (IF) 
> output as it is.
> I want to use this element as placeholder in the FOP_IF, and in a second step 
> I can modify the FOP Intermediate File for my needs.

I've been doing this using the area tree (AT) output format, using named
blocks as suggested already.

It seems to me like the IF is much less useful for modifying before
output, because it doesn't seem to preserve identifiers, and omits quite
a bit of information you might want. In my case I found that there was
no XML level way to tell what blocks were contained in which columns of
a multi-column flow; I'd have to do it with geometry using the IF. In
the AT output, it's obvious from the XML nesting - each column is a
<flow> within a <span> for the page's content.

So... consider using the area tree output instead. It might be a better
fit for your needs.

Craig Ringer

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