I agree that one should not simply add new configuration specifications
willy-nilly. As I've said previously, the ideal situation would be to
include a last resort font as a Base14 font as part of the FOP built-in font
set, and I will investigate this possibility. However, in the absence of a
built-in last-resort font, there seem to be four options:

   1. add information to the FOP config file, which could be as simple as
   adding an attribute as follows <font lastResort="true"/>;
   2. add a command line option (even less desirable in my opinion);
   3. require user to specify a last resort font as last element of
   font-family attribute; however, that this will not actually work in the
   current implementation, since FontSelector.selectFontForCharactersInText
   always selects the font that has the most mappings in the context of a
      - for example, if 'A' is an Arabic character and 'L' is a Latin
      character, then one would expect:
      - <block font-family="Arabic,LastResort">ALA</inline>
      - to produce three glyphs [glyph from Arabic font] [glyph from
      LastResort font] [glyph from Arabic font]
      - however, this will not happen because selectFontForCharactersInText
      finds that two characters in the "word" have a mapping in the Arabic font
      and one character has a mapping in the LastResort font, so it chooses the
      Arabic font to process the entire word
      - which results in the following glyphs: [glyph from Arabic font]
      [default 'no-mapping' glyph from Arabic font] [glyph from Arabic font]
   4. require user to create their own "aggregate" fonts or modify their
   fonts to including last resort glyphs for all unsupported mappings.

The last solution above is so onerous that effectively makes it a
non-solution, so we can drop that from consideration, but note that this
"non-solution" is the only one that would work now. All of the other three
require some modifications to FOP, even the third solution which requires
the author to insert LastResort font into font family specifications.


On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 7:46 PM, Eric Douglas <edoug...@blockhouse.com>wrote:

>  I like your idea of the 'last resort' font, though I didn't like the
> configuration file to begin with.
> You could add an option to the configuration file also if you like the
> configuration file, but I think when the program allows integration using
> embedded code, there should be an option for all custom font setup in the
> API.
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> Comment inline. Note that I have assigned the new bug to myself, so I will
> undertake the work to satisfy this.
> On Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 1:25 AM, Vincent Hennebert 
> <vhenneb...@gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I’m not keen on adding Yet Another configuratin option to the config
>> file, there are more than enough already.
> What's the purpose in having a configuration file if it isn't used for
> configuration information?

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